UX/UI & Service Designer

I’m Jonas Hörberg - a freelance Service Designer. I do iterative rapid prototyping and testing to evolve projects. But I also do user analysis, facilitate workshops, leads teams and creates modern user interface graphics.


How I Work


  • Understand the goal. Define it.
  • Identify stakeholders.
  • Explore current situation and solution.
  • What does the users want?


  • Collect data from existing solution
  • Create impact map (goal, user behaviours, user needs)


  • Brainstorming
  • Workshops
  • Co-creation
  • Consolidate experts

Iterative refinement

  • Gather feedback
  • Check data analytics
  • Refine and categorize ideas
  • Create prototypes
  • Present solutions


  • Test solution
  • Go back to Iterative refinement

LinkedIn testimonials

Adnan Asani

A great team player and communicator. Jonas' passion to prioritise user experience has carved specifications into beautiful mobile- and web-applications. Being a good listener as a Creative Lead and with the background of being a developer, he is very well understood in client needs and taking off to new heights forming the client's vision in their digital presence, leading to great results.

Fredrik Säfsten

Jonas is very skilled at creating concepts. He always sees the big picture while still focusing on details. His ability to set user experience as a top priority has led to great results. Jonas has also proven to be a great communicator, always managing to find out what the client needs even when the client themselves don't know. Jonas has a bright future ahead of him and I would love to work with him again.

Marcus Fridholm

As a creative director Jonas has a flair for understanding the customers needs and leading the creative work. Easy to work with and with very good social skills. His efficiency in this role builds on a solid fundament of programming and designing skills, where he not only understands the limits of the tools at hand, but how to take those tools to new heights.

Clients & Companies

Selected Work

UX/UI - Mobile

Freight Planner - A case study of how I work


An app for bookers that will help simplify the booking process when they are out of the office and will save valuable time.
UX - Graphic Design - WP

Freight Web Site

UX/UI-lead for the modernization and restructure of Stena Line Freight web site. 
UX/UI - Mobile

Freight Driver

UX/UI-lead. An app for the freight drivers where they can easily view and manage existing Stena Line bookings.
UI - Mobile


UI. A companion app for the travellers on the Stena ferries
JS - Graphic Design - Video shooting

Fair Sex: The Network

Javascript-coding, Graphic design and video editing and shooting.

An interactive web game/experience directed at young people aged 15-20.  Educational material about trafficking, prostitution, views on gender and unequal treatment of women and men when it comes to sex and integrity. 

The goal of the game is to teach young people about trafficking and it's opposite: mutual agreement and to have them answer reflective questions on their views and values on the subject.
UI - Animation - Concept -Mobile

Game Concept: Who Stole Me?

Story concept, animations and user interface for the game Who Stole Me by Northcube AB.


2016 jan  +

UX/UI Designer & Team Lead

Stena Rederi AB
Team leader of the mobile development team.

UX Design
Visual Design
Javascript/React/React Native
Content Strategy

Multiple platforms, including Web, Android and iOS.

2013 apr – 2016 jan

Freelance developer and designer

Tinkerton AB
Freelance designer and javascript developer

2011 sep – 2013 apr

Creative director

Nindev AB
Responsible for the front end look and feel of various mobile applications and blended solutions for both in-house products and client projects. 

-Expertise in conceptual coding (AS3 and IOS) and graphical design.
-Was in charge of usability and functionality specifications from an end user's perspective.
-Worked close to clients and system architects to ensure we achieved the best results that was possible.
-Created concept art and mood boards in order to catch the right solution for the client and makes sure that coders and designers strives for pixel perfect deliveries.
- Participated and lead the creative process together with account managers, CTO and clients.
2009 nov – 2011 aug

Creative Developer

Although my work was highly focused at Actionscript 3.0 programming, I was also working alot with usability, video editing (Premiere, After Effects), and the rest of the Adobe suite.
2007 sep – 2009 nov

Front End Consultant

Lead programmer AS3 for several educational games inhouse.

Flash developer consultant at DICE EA Games (GUI for the game Battlefield: Bad Company).
HTML/CSS/Art Director at Ellos AB.
Javascript-coder at Ericsson AB (Digital TV Boxes).
2002 feb – 2007 aug

Web Developer

Actionscript 1.0 - 2.0 Programmer. Campaign sites, banners and advergames.
ASP programmer.
CMS Backend developer
2001 jun – 2001 dec

Backend developer

Entergate AB
Palm OS Developer (Electric Sign on-application for Logistics company).
ASP developer (Created an early survey maker application called ESmaker in ASP).


Bachelor of Science, Computer System Engineering

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LV6 i Halmstad

Naturvetenskapligt program

Falkenbergs Gymnasieskola

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